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Goodman GMES96 – U Single-Stage Gas Furnace

The art of precision

Heavy-Duty 439 Stainless-Steel Heat Exchanger – Distinctive steel construction formed using wrinkle-bend technology results in an extremely durable heat exchanger for reliability and efficiency.

Stainless-Steel Premix Burner – Creates an optimal combination of fuel and oxygen resulting in clean combustion with low emissions output.

Multi-Speed ECM Motor – Automatically adjusts airflow to match comfort needs, reduces energy consumption and system noise as compared to single-stage motors.

Durable Silicon Nitride Igniter – Eliminates the need for an energy-wasting pilot light.

96% AFUE – Nearly all of the energy from the fuel is effectively used to heat the home.

Sealed Combustion – Provides quiet, enhanced energy-efficient performance by adding heat to your indoor air, not exchanging it with outdoor air.

Self-Diagnostic Pre-Programmed Control Board – Continuously monitors the system for consistent, reliable operation, stores last diagnostic codes in memory and indicates condition through LED for quick troubleshooting.

Thermally-Insulated Cabinet – The fully insulated cabinet means air leakage of less than 2% to maximize the heat transfer efficiency and lower blower noise.

Complies with California Regulations – Low NOx emission output. Certified at 3.8 ng/J.