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Goodman GSZ16 Heat Pump

The art of precision

Quiet Condenser Fan Motor – High-efficiency, single-speed motor with special three-blade fan design provides dependable, quiet airflow across condensing coil.

Efficient Cooling Capacity – Refrigeration-grade premium copper tubing and aluminum fin condenser coil configuration deliver outstanding heat transfer properties with R-410A, chlorine-free , refrigerant.

Goodman heat pumps simply work the way they’re supposed to, making each one a thing of beauty.

SmartShift® Defrost Technology – Specialized time-delay defrost technology allows for a reliable, quiet and smooth transition when units enter defrost mode.

Quiet Operation – An acoustically engineered sound control top helps reduce operation noise levels compared to units without sound control enhancements.

Factory-Installed Bi-flow Liquid Line Filter Drier – Protects the refrigerant system from dirt and moisture for longer service life compared to units without filter driers.

Factory-Installed Heater Band and Suction Line Accumulator – Ensures refrigerant is ready even in extreme external temperatures for smooth and energy-efficient performance.

Heavy-Gauge, Galvanized Steel Enclosure Cabinet – A louvered cabinet protects the coil, while its appliance-quality, post-paint, baked enamel finish protects your system from outdoor elements.