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Gas Services

North Wind HVAC Inc. has been around providing excellent service in the Toronto and GTA area for a significant amount of time. We take pride in providing reliable gas line installation. As soon as we receive a task, we immediately take action, especially in emergency situations. We are always on top of things. As our customer, you are our priority. Our well-trained staff is highly reliable and extremely safe with how they take action on installing your new gas line. From moving an existing gas line to installing a new one, we are more than capable with our meticulous methods.

The gas line installation and repair is a field that should only be conducted by professionals due to its hazardous and dangerous nature that could be a fire or explosion risk. Our experienced professionals are trained in how to manage and work around these risks so no lives are in danger. Your tasks are safe in our hands. It is imperative that you only hire an experienced professional and never try to replace or repair a gas line all by yourself. We abide by extremely strict safety standards so that no harm can fall upon you, your family and any neighbouring houses.

Gas Lines Installation & Repair

Gas Lines Installation by north wind HVAC team

All fixes will be proceeded as fast and conveniently as conceivable to decrease the number of disturbances to your business. We comprehend that you have to keep your business and home a peaceful place that is why our system and methods are implemented to allow us to be in and out of the place of work in as short of time as conceivable without settling on the nature of our work.

We offer consultations onsite to every one of our customers. After showing up at your property, we will take the time necessary to thoroughly investigate and review the place of work and suggest to you the needed repairs and services.

When we’ve completely analyzed the place of work, we’ll quote you a reasonable cost and provide you with constant insight into the process and steps of it at all times. We’ll additionally set aside the effort to respond to your inquiries, clarify our methods and services pertaining to your specific needs, and address any worries you may have.

Maintain Your Gas Lines

photo of gas line plan

Your water lines are just as important as your gas lines and to main your comfortability, it is also important to maintain your gas lines. They provide power to our ovens, water radiators, chimneys, washers and dryers, and numerous other significant machines in the household or place of business.

Everything ultimately ages and wears, and your gas lines will require fixes, at any rate, a couple of times throughout the course of their life and the life expectancy of your home, and legitimate testing and reviews will guarantee you get to the issues before they start.

The gas line installations we do consistently incorporate the fundamental testing to guarantee that the work has been done thoroughly and safely. Our highly trained and licensed gas technicians are prepared and ensured, their experience in this field allows them to be more than capable to handle your gas installation or repair, so you can have confidence realizing your security is in the hands of specialists.

We additionally inspect projects that are intended to assess the wear of your gas lines and decide if any significant gas line fixes are important to keep them working securely. Let us handle the pressure of keeping your home working fit as a fiddle.

Leak Fix and Gas Installation

gas line installation by north wind HVAC

Our clients are important to us and that is why we provide you with the most excellent work to guarantee that the entirety of your issues will be dealt with. After one consultation, you will have a total significant overview with thorough details and the additional factor that we have it covered and that the entirety of your gas line issues will be eliminated by specialists. At North Wind HVAC Inc. we are completely authorized and protected for the entirety of your gas lines, any fixes needed for leaks, and gas installation requirements.

Our staff are exceptionally proficient, compelling, and focus on clients’ needs first. Customer service is a priority. We are consistently glad to answer all of your inquiries, and there is no task too large or little for us.

Each fix is finished with exceptional quality of work which is coordinated and blended in with the existing hardware and we also provide a warranty with each fix or part utilized. We have confidence in developing positive business associations with our customers, so we offer a myriad of options to make you comfortable such as contracts, refunds, and profoundly quality pricing.

Benefits of Using Utilizing a Gas Line to Its Fullest Potential

photo of our truck - north wind HVAC

If you already have an existing gas line in your home, powering your furnace and water heater, why not take advantage and use it for other appliances? Below are some examples on how gas powered appliances can be more convenient and efficient:

  • Gas stoves vs electrical stoves are more precise in delivering heat, and most chefs would prefer to use a gas powered stove vs electrical. Gas stoves are also more efficient than their electrical cousins, consuming up to 3 times less in energy costs.
  • Gas powered laundry dryers are also more efficient than their electrical equivalents, on average being twice as cheap to run.
  • Gas lines to a BBQ is another way to save money on energy. It is more convenient than filling and replacing propane tanks, and ultimately more cost effective.


  1. How much does a gas line cost to install?

    average cost of a new gas line can range anywhere between 500$ – 1500$  depending on the complexity of the installation.

  2. What kind of pipe can be used for natural gas?

    Common materials used for natural gas are:
    Steel, Copper, Brass, PE, Ductile Iron, Aluminum, Galvanized steel, CSST.
    we advise you to contact a specialist to determine which type is right for your project.

  3. What size gas line do I need for my furnace?

    Generally furnace inputs up to 125,000 Btu/h will use 1-in pipe, for higher inputs it is recommended to us a 11/4 pipe.
    we advice to check the local codes recommendations or contact a local HVAC company to determine which kind is best for you.

We specialize in gas lines for

  • Kitchen stoves & ovens
  • Outdoor BBQs
  • Laundry dryers
  • Water heaters & boilers

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