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Gas Services

Gas Lines Installation & Repair in Barrie, Innisfil

Natural gas as an energy source is nearly twice as cheap per energy unit compared to electricity and more convenient than propane. With this trend, more and more people are switching to natural gas powered appliances. North Wind HVAC is a licensed gas services contractor, providing reliable gas line services within your home.

Benefits of Using Utilizing a Gas Line to Its Fullest Potential

If you already have an existing gas line in your home, powering your furnace and water heater, why not take advantage and use it for other appliances? Below are some examples on how gas powered appliances can be more convenient and efficient:

  • Gas stoves vs electrical stoves are more precise in delivering heat, and most chefs would prefer to use a gas powered stove vs electrical. Gas stoves are also more efficient than their electrical cousins, consuming up to 3 times less in energy costs.
  • Gas powered laundry dryers are also more efficient than their electrical equivalents, on average being twice as cheap to run.
  • Gas lines to a BBQ is another way to save money on energy. It is more convenient than filling and replacing propane tanks, and ultimately more cost effective.

We specialize in gas lines for

  • Kitchen stoves & ovens
  • Outdoor BBQs
  • Laundry dryers
  • Water heaters & boilers

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