HRV Installation

HRV, or Heat Recovery Ventilators, work as a controlled ventilation system. These systems limit humidity levels, control pollutants, and reduce odors in the air via a process that replaces stale air with warm, fresh air. HRVs are made up of two fans – one to pull stale and polluted air out of your home and a second fan that brings fresh, clean air in. These systems are so effective that as of 2017, the Ontario Building Code was revised to mandate all new homes have heat recovery systems installed. If your home was built prior to 2017, you can always install an HRV and start enjoying the benefits they offer.

HRV Installation Services

If you are looking to lower energy costs in your home one great way is to get an HRV installed. These systems operate at a low cost and will reduce heating bills during the winter months. But getting an HRV installed is just step one. It is important to regularly service your system in order to ensure it operates as intended. Failing to maintain the system can result in debris and contaminants entering your home and getting stuck in the ventilator. It’s also a good idea to hire a professional to service your HRV system in order to avoid system shortages or shutdowns.

Heat Recovery Ventilation Benefits

HRV systems constantly replace the air in your home with fresh, clean outside air. The benefits of this are vast:

  • HRV systems continuously provide fresh air. This is far more effective than simply cracking a window as cold winter weather or air conditioning could limit your ability to access fresh air.
  • By constantly circulating the air in your home, you will be provided with clean, odor and pollutant-free air. This is especially beneficial for those who struggle with allergies.
  • One of the most noticeable benefits will be in your wallet. HRVs prevent heat from escaping your house and, in turn, will demand less of your furnace.
  • Another benefit of HRVs is the removal of moisture from the home. If homes become too damp, the conditions are more likely to spawn mold or fungus. This can potentially impact the health of those living inside. These systems remove water vapor from the air in your home which is a proven way to reduce condensation. This will prevent mold or other bacteria from forming.
  • As your HRV system provides better air quality, you will notice less dust accumulating inside your home.
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Every one of our service professionals is licensed to conduct furnace installation and repair services in Ontario. North Wind HVAC provides service quality assessed by TSSA (Technical Standards & Safety Authority).

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We refuse to make our customers wait for heat, given the climate of our shared country. We are able to carry out our service entirely on the same day you call us, with 15 minutes of response time when you reach out to us online or by phone.

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Not only do we offer competitive labor fees that will leave you feeling comfortable, but we also go to great lengths to ensure that the price you are quoted when we arrive is the true price you pay on completion of our job. No hidden fees.

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At North Wind HVAC we pride ourselves on transparent and honest business practices. And because we believe in the impeccable quality of all the work we do, we offer a guaranteed 3-month service warranty on every job we carry out.

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Installing a Heat Recovery Ventilation system in your home is a great way to mitigate heating and cooling demands. Over time the reduced energy costs will be substantial and the improved quality of air inside your home will have your family thrilled. When it comes to HRV installation and maintenance, look no further than the professionals at North Wind HVAC. Contact us and our team of expertly trained technicians will have your Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) unit operating as well as ever.

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