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Humidifier Installation Barrie

Maintaining the proper humidity rate is important for your family’s wellbeing. The winter months can become extremely dry and initiates the need to install a humidifier. Humidity levels that are higher than the recommended maximum will stimulate the growth of bacteria and dust mites. When humidity levels are poor, the air in your home becomes dry, which can exacerbate dry skin and breathing issues. Humidity levels that are just perfect help to keep the hardwood floors and other wooden products in good condition. If you’re looking for humidifier installation services in Barrie, you’ve come to the right place. To schedule a same-day consultation, call us today.

Which Humidifiers Are the Best for Your Home?

Furnace Humidifier Installation Services Barrie

Whole-house humidifiers work in tandem with your home’s heating and cooling system. A furnace humidifier installation (also called power humidifiers) is a whole-house solution. They will assist in maintaining the humidity levels in your home by diffusing the appropriate concentrations of moisture in the air using water tanks.

This helps to keep the home’s humidity levels at optimum levels by reducing dryness in the air. Plus, since furnace humidifiers attach directly to your water source, you won’t have to refill a container or monitor the water level every day. Furnace Humidifiers are extremely reliable and powerful at preserving humidity in your home, allowing you and your family to experience better air quality.

Furnace Humidifiers Types

Furnace Humidifiers are directly connected to the air vent. The humidifier filters the heated air from the boiler until it is distributed around your home through the vents.

NorthWind technicians can handle three different kinds of furnace humidifier installations:

  • Drum humidifier: When it comes to humidifying a household, drum humidifiers, also known as reservoir humidifiers, have the most straightforward results. These humidifiers operate on the evaporation principle. Air passing into the home’s duct system enters a separate bypass tube housing the humidifier, which moisturizes the air before continuing on through the system. A drum humidifier is made up of a revolving drum with an absorbent pad inside. The pad soaks up water while the drum pushes into a pan of stagnant water. Water evaporates out of the pad and into the air as the air passes into the bypass pipes. This process is usually 100 percent effective, ensuring that all of the water used by the humidifier ends up in the air in your house. As compared to other furnace humidifier alternatives, a drum humidifier is less costly, but it necessitates frequent inspections to prevent mould from developing in the water pan.
  • Steam humidifiers: A steam humidifier uses electricity instead of evaporation to convert water from a liquid to steam. Steam humidifiers not only have a faster way to produce vast amounts of humidity, but they also enable homeowners to more precisely monitor humidity levels. Steam humidifiers’ energy comes at a price. A steam humidification system will cost up to $1,600, while a non-steam humidifier costs between $500 and $1,050, including installation. Additionally, steam humidifiers necessitate an active power output, which can push up prices much higher. Steam humidifiers can provide the most moisture; they are also very easy to manage and do not pose a mould danger.
  • Flow-through humidifiers: Flow-through humidifiers, like drum humidifiers, operate on the evaporation principle. There are a host of other similarities between the two groups. Warm air from the heat duct is diverted to the humidifier through a special bypass tube in both. Both kinds of humidifiers use absorbent pads to retain vapour, which then migrates into the air passing through them. The only distinction between the drum and flow-through humidifiers is the source of water. A flow-through humidifier, rather than using a drum of water, send a constant stream of water across the humidifier plate. The risk of bacterial infection is significantly reduced thanks to this product design. Flow-through humidifiers are low-maintenance humidifiers that do not produce mould. Its filter pad will only need to be changed once in a while.

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Furnace Humidifier Installation Contractors Barrie

Due to the fact that Canadians spend most of their time indoors during the winter, humidifiers help to protect not just your family’s health but also your home. If you are in need of a professional to install a humidifier, we are the right professionals in the industry for the job. Your humidifier can be properly installed with the help of NorthWinds humidifier installation services. For a consultation or to schedule an appointment, please contact us.

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