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Hot Water Tank

It’s an essential part of your home and an appliance you rely on daily for many household and personal needs, but how much time do you actually spend thinking about your hot water tank? For most people, the only time the think about their tank is when it is empty and they have to wait for it to refill again or when they need to contact someone for hot water tank repairs. But if you have ever wondered how does a hot water tank work, we can help answer all your questions. At Northwind HVAC, we are experts in hot water tank installation and maintenance.

Services We Offer

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At Northwind HVAC, we are experts in hot water tank installation and maintenance. We sell high efficiency tanks ranging in size from 30 gallon hot water tanks up to and 60 gallon hot water tanks. We also sell tankless models and will explain hot water tanks vs tankless. During our initial free consultation with you, we will discuss your hot water tank replacement options and make expert recommendations.

We will also explain our warranty and annual maintenance package options, and help you choose the best hot water system to meet your home’s water supply needs. We offer regular hot water tank maintenance packages to ensure your new tank is working properly. We have several budget and payment option plans to ease the financial burden to installing and maintaining a new hot water tank.

What Size Hot Water Tank Do I Need?

Hot water tank replacement costs vary depending on the type and size of tank you buy. There are many factors that go into deciding what size hot water tank you need. The size of your home, number of bathrooms you have, and types of fixtures are only part of the decision. How much water you use, how many people live in your home, and whether or not you have teenagers or members who take frequent or long showers are also considered.

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Knowing how big of a tank your home needs is important because a tank that is too small will not provide sufficient hot water but a tank too big will waste energy. For example, if your home requires a 50 gallon hot water tank, but you purchase a 40 gallon hot water tank, you will always run out of hot water because your tank does not hold enough to cover your needs. This general guideline will help you when choosing the right size of tank for your home:

Number of Bathrooms 1 to 1.5 2 to 2.5 3 to 3.5
Number of People in Your Household 2 to 4 2 to 6 2 to 6
Minimum Recommended Tank Size (in gallons) 20 50 50
Maximum Recommended Tank Size (in gallons) 40 60 60

Hot Water Tank Barrie

Hot water tanks are affordable and practical ways to have hot water in your home. We specialize in supply and install Performance series hot water tanks.


Hot water tanks are reliable and nearly instant supply of hot water, that are fairly maintenance free. They are also one of the most budget friendly water heating solutions.


Not as energy efficient as tankless systems, because of standby energy losses. A tank system uses energy to keep itself warm. If you tend to use a lot of hot water in a short period of time (multiple showers at once or back to back for example), the water will lose its heat, and it will take 20-30 minutes for water to reach comfortable temperature.

Hot Water Tank vs Tankless Water Tank

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A hot water tank stores hot water in a large tank. Hot water tank replacement costs range in price between $800 to $1,000. Tankless water tanks use heating burners to warm the water so it is heated on an as-need basis. Tankless units cost significantly more than hot water tanks but they last longer. Tankless water tanks also use up to 50% less energy than hot water tanks.


How do you drain a hot water tank?

Knowing how to drain your hot water tank regularly will extend the life of your tank because it will remove sediment and other buildup that accumulates inside your tank over time. To drain your tank, first, follow the instructions in your user manual to check the pressure-relief valve to make sure it is functioning properly. Once the hot water tank is turned off, attach a garden hose to it and direct the other end outside. Turn on all your hot water taps, then turn the drain valve on until all the water run out.

How long does a hot water tank last?

On average, hot water tanks last between six to 13 years. Tankless water tanks can last over 20 years.

How does a hot water tank work?

A 30 to 60 gallon hot water tank runs on gas or electrical energy. A water pipe allows cold water to flow into the water tank where it is heated and stored. Burners at the bottom of the tank warm and maintain the water temperature. A second pipe allows hot water to flow to your hot water taps when they are turned on. A pressure regulating valve maintains the pressure and temperature within the tank.

Contact us at Northwinds HVAC today for all your hot water tank replacement and maintenance needs.

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