KeepRite N4H5S42AKAAA Single Stage Heat Pump

The KeepRite N4H5S42AKAAA Single Stage Heat Pump delivers efficient and quiet performance with SEER2 ratings from 14.3 to 15.2 and EER2 ratings between 11.0 and 12.5. Designed to maintain a tranquil indoor atmosphere, it operates at sound levels as low as 68 dBA. This model is compatible with both programmable and standard thermostats and uses environmentally safe R-410A refrigerant. The reliable scroll compressor is equipped with internal thermal overload protection and high-pressure switches for enhanced safety.

Constructed with durability in mind, it features a post-painted galvanized steel cabinet and a dense wire coil guard with sheet metal corner posts. The balanced refrigeration system ensures maximum reliability, and the unit supports communicating, self-configuring operation when used with Ion® system control.

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