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Fireplace Installation & Repair

At North Wind HVAC, we offer professional fireplace installation, fireplace removal and fireplace repairs in Toronto, Barrie and the GTA. Call us today to schedule your appointment with one of our team members.

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Why Choose North Wind HVAC?

Dedicated Fireplace Services

We offer expert 24/7 fireplace installation, removal and repairs for property’s in the Toronto, Barrie and the GTA. We understand how important it is to find a fireplace service provider that you can trust, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency appointments for our all our fireplace services, so you are never left without!

Our team has years of experience working with a range of fireplaces in a variety of property’s. Trust North Wind HVAC, call our dedicated team to schedule your free consultation and quote.

Mehdi Ahmadzai
Mehdi Ahmadzai
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Good work thank you
Drew Anderson
Drew Anderson
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I had my furnace replaced yesterday and I'm very happy with the price and service provided by their technician.
Melanie Medeiros
Melanie Medeiros
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Communication was great with Alex , very professional and informative of the problems ! Many issues with our ac and needed other companies to repair things as well but Alex worked with us and was always able to come back and ensure that he got our AC up and running for us ! Always on time and very reliable ! Thank you again !
Siu Pang Young
Siu Pang Young
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We had Alex over at our restaurant today to fix our AC. He is a polite, patient and honest individual. I was late for our appointment however he took the time to speak with my parents (who speaks very little english) and was able to get started on our problem right away. By the time I arrived he had already pinpointed down the problem and was already looking at the solution. Although we are in a commercial building and had agreed on a price over the phone and when I arrived Alex explained to me that we have a residential unit so the service price would be adjusted. After the AC was up and running. I had extra concerns and he was able to provide us with a solution right away. We also received same day service and found his prices to be fair. We look forward to working with them in the future.
Chris Antonio
Chris Antonio
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Absolutely the best heating/air conditioning company in the Barrie/Innisfil area. My furnace stopped working the other day during a cold-snap, but Northwind Heating/A.C. promptly sent a service technician to my house to fix it for me. They are honest, hard working guys that truly care about customer service and customer satisfaction, (which is rare these days), and I couldn't be happier with the quality of service they've provided. Pricing is very fair too, they don't try to rip you off. There's a reason this company is rated so highly on Google reviews, it's because they really are the best. If you need any work done on your heating/AC unit, I highly recommend giving Northwind a call. Awesome team. Thanks guys!
Jeff Amos
Jeff Amos
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Great service
Mike Kharkov
Mike Kharkov
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Alex is a pleasure to deal with. We have been using his services for a few years now, every time a great experience. Highly reccomend, thank you.
Randi Jones
Randi Jones
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The guys were nice, and quick to diagnose my furnace issue and replaced thermostat Immediately.
Professional fireplace installation

Fireplace Installation, Removal and Repairs

Our team of skilled technicians is available 24/7 to offer you the same-day support you deserve. If you’re looking for fireplace installation, removal and repairs, North Wind is at your service. Contact us today to get started.

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Expert Fireplace Installation Services

What Are The Main Types Of Fireplaces?

Gas fireplaces: These fireplaces are convenient, low-maintenance, and provide high heat output. They come in various designs to complement any home décor. All you need is a gas utility hookup and a vent installation through an exterior wall.

Electric fireplaces: Offer flexibility as they can be installed almost anywhere in a home and can be moved when you relocate. While they may not produce as much heat as gas fireplaces, they still offer effective zone heating and come in a range of designs.

Wood fireplaces: The classic choice, often requiring a masonry chimney installation. While they may be less energy-efficient, newer models like inserts feature enclosed fireboxes with glass doors to enhance heat output and minimize energy loss.

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Fireplace Installation, Removal & Repair FAQs

Yes, it is imperative to vent gas and wood burning fireplaces as they produce carbon monoxide. There are two primary venting options available. The first involves connecting the fireplace to an existing chimney, which may limit placement choices. The second option is to opt for a direct-vent gas fireplace, offering more flexibility. These can be installed in various locations such as basements, dens, bedrooms, or patios, as long as a technician can create an outlet through a wall or window. Gas fireplaces work exceptionally well when placed on outside walls or the main floor without a second level.

While most homes can accommodate a gas fireplace, exceptions may arise. In such cases, an electric fireplace can be a viable alternative. Electric fireplaces do not necessitate gas lines or chimney venting, making them more cost-effective to install and allowing for placement in nearly any space. However, it’s important to note that they generate less heat compared to gas fireplaces and do not produce a genuine flame.

The cost of fireplace installation typically averages around $3000. However, when planning for a fireplace installation in your home, it’s advisable to budget up to $5000. It’s worth noting that actual expenses may vary, potentially exceeding this estimate.

Numerous variables contribute to the overall cost of fireplace installation. Factors such as the size of the fireplace play a significant role in determining pricing. Additionally, expenses may include labor and professional services.

Given that fireplace installation involves working with fire and potentially hazardous elements, it is strongly recommended to enlist the expertise of professional installers, such as North Wind HVAC.

It’s important to be aware that professional services do come with associated costs, which will be factored into the total expense of establishing a new fireplace. Keep in mind that there are various underlying factors that can influence the overall cost of fireplace installation.

Absolutely, it is entirely possible to install a gas fireplace on an interior wall, provided you have access to the necessary outlet. What you’ll require is a balanced flue system capable of venting through the ceiling of the room, ascending through any upper rooms, and exiting through the roof. A false chimney breast is often employed to seamlessly integrate this setup.

With a balanced flue, you can enjoy the aesthetic of an open gas fireplace that closely resembles a traditional solid fuel burning open fire. This is excellent news for those who appreciate the classic look but lack an existing chimney breast.

The duration of the removal process hinges on various factors, including the type of fireplace being removed. When carried out by experienced professionals, a standard removal typically spans one day. However, for more complex removals involving tasks like dismantling, removal of hearth, back panel, and fireplace surround, the process may extend from five to seven days.

Yes, if you are making any structural changes to your building you will need to get the required permits. However, this can vary depending on the building, removal process and many other things. Please follow this link for more information as to when you are required to apply for a permit or not.

A fireplace insert refers to a sealed box designed to be inserted into an existing masonry fireplace. This upgrade transforms an older, inefficient wood fireplace into a modern, high-efficiency alternative powered by wood, gas, or propane. This conversion allows for increased heat production while minimizing fuel consumption.

It is recommended to have your fireplace or insert serviced annually. This is essential because fireplaces work hard with each use, especially when they are heating your home. It’s ideal to schedule your fireplace check-up each spring to ensure it operates flawlessly throughout the year. However, you can choose a schedule that is most convenient for you, as long as it allows for proper maintenance of the fireplace.

There are various potential reasons why your gas fireplace is not staying lit. The most common culprits are typically related to issues within your setup.

These may include problems with the pilot light, blocked ports on the burners, damage to heating components, and malfunctions in the thermocouple/thermopile.

A weak draft is often the cause of a gas fireplace failing to stay lit. This can lead to back-puffing, where fire by-products, including harmful vapors like carbon monoxide, enter the room. Several factors can contribute to this issue:

Temperature Difference: The strength of the chimney draft depends on the temperature contrast between indoor and outdoor environments. A significant difference leads to a stronger draft, while a small difference weakens it. When indoor and outdoor temperatures are similar, hot air and fire by-products may linger in the firebox or room rather than ascending the chimney.

Flue Water Intrusion: Uncovered flues can allow rain or snow to enter, reducing the air temperature in the firebox and impeding its ability to rise, ultimately weakening the draft and potentially causing back-puffing.

Negative Air Pressure: Newer, well-sealed homes may have negative air pressure due to efficient weather stripping or caulking. This leads to a higher outside air pressure compared to indoors, causing smoke to be pushed down the flue and into the home.

Design Flaws: If none of the above issues are present, it’s possible that there may be a design flaw with the chimney or fireplace components. This could include a flue that’s too small, a chimney that’s too short, or a lintel that’s positioned too high, all of which can result in a weak draft and a smoky fireplace.

A gas log system may produce a clicking or ticking sound when the burner is activated or shut off. This is usually due to the metal shell around the gas logs contracting as it cools down. If the noise becomes excessive, it’s advisable to consult a North Wind HVAC technician for advice.

Fireplace odors often stem from water entering the chimney or negative air pressure in the home. To address water-related issues, ensure a rain cap covers the chimney flue and maintain chimney waterproofing. This also guards against debris and animals entering the chimney. Resolving negative air pressure requires identifying its source in your home, especially after weatherizing or venting changes. These alterations can disrupt air pressure, necessitating extra airflow through the fireplace into the home.

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Are you experiencing any of these?

Common Fireplace Issues & How To Address Them

Over the years we have seen a lot of fireplace issues, these are the most common problems we have encountered:

Pilot Light Not Lighting

The pilot light in a gas fireplace is crucial for igniting the main burners. If it goes out, you may need to manually reignite it. If that doesn’t work, there might be moisture in the gas line, which requires professional attention.

Creosote Buildup

Creosote buildup is a tar-like substance that forms when smoke from a wood-burning fireplace cools and condenses. It can restrict airflow and even pose a fire hazard. Regular chimney cleaning by a professional or DIY efforts can help prevent this issue.

Dirty Gas Fireplace

Neglecting gas fireplace cleaning can lead to problems like reduced flame height, lower heat output, and potential gas leaks. Ensure the gas is off and the fireplace is cool before cleaning. Vacuum dust and debris, clean the burners with manufacturer-approved glass cleaner, and inspect for any damage. Additionally, have a North Wind HVAC technician inspect vents, flue, and chimney.

Cracked Fire Brick

Fire bricks line the inside of a fireplace and are designed to withstand high heat. Over time, they may crack due to various factors. Cracks can allow harmful gases to seep into your home. It’s essential to promptly address any damage by calling a fireplace specialist like North Wind HVAC.

Fireplace Removal Services

When Should You Remove Your Fireplace

Removing a fireplace is a significant undertaking and should be approached with careful consideration. There are various scenarios where this might become necessary. If your fireplace has deteriorated to the point of being unsafe or structurally unsound, it may no longer be functional. Additionally, there could be factors preventing you from using a fully operational fireplace. While fireplaces are often viewed as decorative, there might be more practical uses for the space they occupy.

At times, the decision to remove a fireplace is driven by personal preferences. Perhaps you need additional storage, want to enhance natural light exposure with new windows, or simply prefer an extended wall space. Regardless of the motivation behind removing your fireplace in Toronto, Barrie, or the GTA, you can rely on North Wind HVAC!

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