How Often Should You Change Your Furnace Filter?

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Is the furnace giving you trouble? A furnace isn’t complete without a furnace filter. It’s like a cover that keeps your furnace running by keeping dust and hair out. You’ve undoubtedly already discovered that a clogged filter may cause a slew of issues. We will inform you on why that may be an issue that can affect you and your family members and how often to change the furnace filter.

Why Do I Need to Change My Furnace Filter?

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Replacing your furnace filter is a quick and simple DIY project that will improve the quality of your air indoors and help you prevent costly furnace repairs. A furnace filter change serves an important purpose: it keeps airborne dust, debris, and hair out of your furnace system’s components. Usually, all of that muck collects in the filter, which is why it’s critical to change your furnace filter on a regular basis rather than having to change the whole furnace. It will clog if left unattended, reducing airflow to your heating system. This can result in the furnace blowing cold air, making loud sounds, or even overheating and cracking the heat exchanger.

How Often Should I Change My Furnace Filter?

A normal disposable furnace filter should be changed at least once every 90 days. However, you should inspect it once a month to see whether it is becoming clogged. (Use your phone or calendar app to set a reminder.) If you see a lot of dirt that has accumulated and a grey color coated on top of the filter layer, you can replace the filter. Filters may be purchased at a reasonable price and are easily available to obtain.

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How to Change Furnace Filter

Safety always comes first that is why it is important to turn off your home’s furnace before you begin the process of changing the furnace filter. Then, you will have to remove the filter part from the inside of the air vent. Make a mental note of the direction the filter travels in. Now you must figure out what type of furnace filter you have. If your filter has a plastic frame around it, it may be cleaned and reused.

To start, gently suction up the dirt and debris that has accumulated in your filter with a vacuum. After that, carefully wash down the filter with water to remove any leftover dirt. Before putting it back into the furnace, make sure it’s entirely dry.

Replacing a disposable filter is an even faster and easier procedure than the previous steps mentioned. Simply replace your old filter with a new one, which can be found at most hardware stores. Make sure they’re the same size before purchasing!

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Reasons to Change Filter More Often

How is there no set guideline for how often you should change the air filter? Simple. Every house is unique. Frequent adjustments could be a good idea if the following criteria apply:


Dust and furnace filters aren’t friends. When your residence is very dusty (maybe as a result of your current home renovations?), inspect and replace your filter more frequently.


It’s all well and good to cuddle with a furry friend, but all that extra hair has to go somewhere. It’s filtered via your furnace if it’s not vacuumed up. Pet hair will block your filter more quickly than in houses without dogs, so make sure to check it at least once a month.


Allergy or asthma sufferers will be more susceptible to excessive dust. A blocked filter will not effectively filter dust and particles, thus affecting your breathing. Fresh filters, in addition to regular dusting and cleaning, will help keep your home’s air clean and fresh.

Heavy Usage of the Furnace and Air Conditioning

Both your furnace and air conditioner utilize your furnace filter. Your furnace filter will accumulate more dust and dirt the more you utilize the furnace and air conditioner. It’s possible that you will have to change your filter more regularly as a result of this.

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Another Way to Maintain Your Furnace’s Performance

Here’s another technique to maintain your furnace in great shape now that you’ve learned the complicated techniques of changing your furnace filter. Allow Northwind HVAC to service and retune your furnace on a yearly basis. Furnace maintenance is similar to insurance; it ensures that your heating system runs smoothly throughout the winter. It also improves the efficiency of your furnace. You will remain toasty while saving money on your utility expenses.

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