Keeprite Furnace Troubleshooting

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Keeprite furnaces are known for their durability and efficiency. But like all home appliances, your furnace may need some attention from time to time. In some cases, the problems you experience with your furnace could be due to something as simple as a door or valve not closed properly.

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Determining what is wrong with your HVAC system can be quite the task. That’s why it’s important to know what some of the error codes mean so you know whether you are dealing with a simple fix, or something that needs a qualified technician to address. Thanks to advanced technology, Keeprite furnace troubleshooting has never been simpler.

The furnace error codes can help you troubleshoot issues you may be having with your HVAC system. By analyzing a series of flashing LEDs and codes, you can quickly diagnose what the problem is and quickly be on your way to solving the problem.

Below is list of some of the common Keeprite error codes, what they mean and how you can fix the problem:

LED Off This means that the 24 VAC or 115 VAC is off. It could be due to the fuse being open. The first thing to check is the door switch to ensure it is closed. If it is, then the problem is likely being caused by a short circuit.
LED On Indicates that there is a furnace control error. When this happens, it will cause a 1-hour delay. If the error code is displayed right after a power reset, you will need to replace the control. The furnace will auto-reset in an hour.
Heartbeat This code is nothing to worry about. It is part of the system’s normal operation so no action needs to be taken to address it. N/A
2 Flashes This code means that the pressure switch is closed when it should be open. When this happens, it is often due to some item blockage in the pressure tubing. Check to see if there is an object causing an obstruction in the pressure tubing.
3 Flashes What the means is that the pressure switch is open. On single stage models the pressure switch should be closed. This can also indicate that the low pressure switch is open when it should be closed on 2 stage. To fix, you will need to check for a number of things that could be causing the problem. Check the furnace for excessive wind, a defective inducer motor or pressure switch, insufficient combustion air supply, an obstruction in the pressure tubing or a disconnected pressure tubing. Another cause could be an improper vent size or restricted vent.
4 Flashes This code means that the limit switch or rollout is open. Check to see if the vent is restricted, a dirty air filter, defective blower or loose blower wheel. Also check for proper vent sizing or excessive wind.
5 Flashes This means that the flame is inconsistent. This may mean that there is a gas valve that is leaking or that the gas valve is stuck in an open position. Check for either one of these conditions.
6 Flashes This will result in the furnace failing to ignite or losing its flame while the furnace is switched on. First check for an ungrounded flame sensor, a defective hot service igniter or no inlet gas pressure, oxide buildup. Also check to see if the manual valve is shut off or if there is an inadequate flame carryover or rough ignition.
6+1 Flashes This will cause a temporary lockout and indicate that the maximum number of trials, which is four, has been reached. This will result in a 3-hour delay The furnace will auto reset after three hours.
7 Flashes This will result in a temporary lockout which is caused by the rollout switch being open for too long (more than two minutes). This will cause a 1-hour delay and the rollout switch must be reset manually. Furnace will auto reset after three hours
8 Flashes This is a permanent lockout caused by the gas valve relay contact being accidentally closed, or a gas valve that is improperly wired. Look to see if you can find a gas valve that is improperly wired or a defective control valve.
10 Flashes This means that the line voltage polarity has been reversed. If this is twinned, you’ll need to refer to the kit for instructions. Correct the polarity as instructed in the manual.

If the solutions listed above do not solve your Keeprite furnace problems, contact a qualified HVAC technician who can help diagnose and fix the problem.