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The temperature of your house goes a long way in making you and your family love the great indoors. At North Wind HVAC, we ensure that families live a comfortable life at home. This is why we offer the most reliable HVAC services in Newmarket. We take care of your heating, cooling, ventilation and hot water needs. We are a team of experienced professionals who ensure that affordable services are provided with no compromise on quality and efficiency. If you want to set the right temperature in your home, we are the ones to call.

A Variety of HVAC Services Under One Roof

Air Conditioner Installation by North Wind HVAC Newmarket

To live up to our promise of making your house cozy, comfortable and well-ventilated, we offer a variety of services to suit all your HVAC needs. From repairing old HVAC systems to installing brand new ones, we offer the best services to suit all your needs.

Furnace Repair Service by North Wind HVAC Newmarket

Heating and Furnace Services

From old furnaces to brand new ones, our team offers the most efficient furnace repair in Newmarket. We repair all types of furnace and also offer replacement. With us, you can also find the right fireplace and get it installed within no time. No matter what your heating needs are, we have the best solution for you.

AC Repair Services Newmarket by North Wind HVAC

AC Services

You can trust us with AC repairs. No matter what AC you have, new or old, small or big, we know how to repair it perfectly. If your AC unit is beyond repair, our team of professionals will inspect your home, take a note of your needs to replace and install a new one. We have offered the best AC services in GTA and proudly offer the best services for air conditioning in Newmarket.

North Wind HVAC heating Company Newmarket

Water Heating Services

A comfortable home requires hot water supply at any point of the way. With extensive repair services, we at North Wind HVAC know how to repair all kinds of water heaters. From basic water tanks to tankless water heaters, you can trust us with it all. We also offer new heating tanks to replace the old ones.

BBQ Gas Line Installation Company Newmarket

Gas Line Services

Issues with your gas line should never be ignored. More importantly, if you find some issue of leakage with your gas line, you should call us immediately. Our highly skilled team knows how to safely work on gas lines and ensure that they are repaired and installed properly.

furnace ductwork installation Newmarket

Duct Work

To ensure a comfortable home, ventilation is important. Well-functioning ducts ensure that there is proper flow of heating and cooling throughout your house. This is why our team offers proper ductwork to give Newmarket homeowners the comfort they deserve.

North Wind HVAC AC Repair Company

Annual Maintenance Services

The heating, cooling and hot water supply of your home need regular check ups to function properly. With us, you can choose from a variety of annual maintenance plans for your HVAC and water heating systems.

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